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We're growers too

Every Kaiaponi shareholder is a grower so we know first-hand what every growing season is like.

We produce apples, kiwifruit and feijoas on 150 hectares of our own land here in Gisborne, our hands-on local knowledge is available to you anytime.

Growing together

Kaiaponi is committed to the long term good of the Gisborne region. We are here to work side-by-side with you as we support and grow our businesses together.

To support your business and its growth, Kaiaponi has designated grower liaisons and some of the very latest fruit packing technology available to meet your post-harvest service requirements. Our growing experience, our technology, combined with our refined fruit packing practices, ensures that working with us is simple and professional.

Independence & Respect

Kaiaponi is an independent business so we respect your independence. As we are Gisborne based, it keeps our focus on the Gisborne region.


Our own orchards and the growers we have partnered with hold the following compliance certification.


Earlier & Tastier

Due to Gisborne’s superb climate we get to pick tastier fruit earlier than other regions.


Gisborne produces the earliest naturally ripened apples in New Zealand. The district’s superb growing conditions deliver, what some people consider to be, the most delicious apples with the best shelf life qualities.

Kaiaponi deals in the finest varieties which include Queen, Jazz, Granny Smith, Envy and strains of the Royal Gala and Pacific series.


Hard and crisp but juicy. Red and maroon over green, yellow and orange.


Outstanding crunch and texture, refreshingly sweet palette and beautiful colours.


A high colour strain of gala, sweet and crisp with firm, white flesh.

Granny Smith

Bright green with crisp, white flesh. Refreshing and tangy, excellent for cooking.


Crisp and juicy with a rich-sweet taste. This apple reaches maturity mid-season.


Stunning deep red skin; very crisp and juicy, sweet taste and clean white flesh.

Royal Gala

Bright red stripe over creamy yellow; sweet and crisp with firm, white flesh.


Large apple, with creamy coloured, firm flesh; very crisp, sweet and juicy.


Any kiwi will tell you that New Zealand's best tasting citrus comes from Gisborne.

Kaiaponi directs fruit to both the domestic and export markets and we do everything possible to offer consumers a tastier, wider choice of citrus.

We distribute Oranges, Lemons and Mandarins as well as Limes, Grapefruit and Tangelos.









Gisborne produces the best feijoas in New Zealand. Kaiaponi has worked hard alongside other local growers to choose the best varieties and supply New Zealand’s largest feijoa volumes for both the domestic and export markets under our highly successful brand “Joa.”

While the feijoa industry is in its infancy, Kaiaponi looks forward to supporting and leading the growth of this fruit into a new era.


If you ask Zespri, New Zealand’s biggest marketer of kiwifruit, they will tell you that Gisborne grows some of the highest quality kiwifruit available.

Kaiaponi has one of the district’s larger plantings of the highly desired SunGold variety.



We look after your fruit like it’s our own

Kaiaponi has some of the very latest in fruit packing technology at our home base in Gisborne. This technology, combined with our refined fruit packing practices, ensures that working with us is simple.

In addition to packing our post-harvest service includes grower compliance support, coolstorage, various forms of standard and unique packaging options, containeraistion and freight to port.

Some of our in-house facilities include...

Optical Fruit Sorting

Compac’s spectrim technology has revolutionized the way fruit is packed here at Kaiaponi.

Built from the ground up, Spectrim is the most powerful optical sorting platform ever offered to the industry. It delivers superior performance, usability and a continuously upgradable platform.

Please contact us directly for more information as to the benefits of this technology or read more at Compac’s website.



Kaiaponi’s Sorma bag machine is the next generation of pre-pack and the only one in NZ. Unlike other packaging, the whole unit is 100% recyclable because the bag and label are made from the same materials and there is no metal clip. All types of fruit can be packed in it at many weight ranges.

Sorma is an automatic packing machine perfect for citrus, the SormaPack bags are made with knitted net and plastic film side band from the top to the bottom of the bag. This acts as a handle as well as providing space for labeling and branding.

Please contact us directly for more information as to the benefits of this packaging format or read more at the Sormabag website.



Our post harvest operation holds the following complicance certification.

Packaging options


We pack into Z cartons and other pack types as required by specific varieties, markets and marketers.


We pack loose into crates or cartons as per the buyer’s requirement.

We offer pre-packing in the various forms including a standard net long bag or our Sorma bag machine.


We pack into crates and prepacks for those local market clients who
require it.

For export we pack into trays or 5kg loose cartons.

Only the premium feijoas are packed under our own ‘Joa’ brand.

Kaiaponi oranges