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With the right soil and climate, we have some of the best fruit-growing conditions in New Zealand.
Citrus, apples, kiwifruit, feijoas and more love growing here in Gisborne.

Kaiaponi works hard to make sure your fruit is kept at its
best along the entire chain.

We have the latest technology which, combined with best
practice and years of fruit-packing, ensures that working with Kaiaponi is simple.

Where it all began

Kaiaponi’s story starts in 1907, when the land was used for cropping. The land has since been used to grow many fruits and vegetables including apricots, avocados, beans, grapes, pears, squash and tomatoes. Today Kaiaponi is a leading grower of apples, kiwifruit and feijoas.

Kaiaponi is a privately-owned business based on family values. The importance of innovation and sustainable growth has always been central to our ethos. This has been demonstrated in the past by our early investment in gold kiwifruit, high yielding apple varieties, designated grower trial blocks and our continual investment in post-harvest technology.

Today, we grow the best varieties to meet market demand and have the best technology to pack and distribute your fruit.

Even with our strengths we’re not resting on our laurels - Kaiaponi will continually evolve, redevelop and build the right partnerships to continue our growth into the future.

Come grow with us.

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